A team represents the users that will be carrying out work for your organisation.

A team member represents a user, perhaps an employee of your organisation, who will be carrying out work that you may bill to a client.

Inviting a User

A user can be invited to your team by selecting the “Invite” button on the team page. Enter their email and push send. The user will receive an email with a link that allows them to join your team.

A user can be a member of multiple teams.

Viewing or Deleting an Invitation

Invitations that have not yet been accepted be viewed by selecting “View Invites” on the team page. From this list, an invitation can be deleted (for example, if it was created in error).

Editing or Deleting a Membership

A team member can be edited or deleted by selecting the relevant option from the edit dropdown on the team page.

Default Billable Rate

Each team member can be assigned a default hourly rate. If a project is billed by team member, this value will be used unless the project specifies otherwise.


A role determines what actions the team member is allowed to perform.

Team Member

This is most restricted level of membership. Team members are allowed to log time and expenses against projects. They are permitted to update only their own time and expenses.


Administrators are allowed to perform additional management activities. They can create clients and project as well and manage other team members time and expenses. They are also permitted to invoice clients.

Project Billing
Time and Expenses