Expense Categories

An expense categories represents a type of expense that a team member can incur.

One or more expense categories must be added so that recorded expenses can be categorised and billed to clients appropriately. An example of an expense category could be “Accommodation” or “Mileage”.

Creating an Expense Category

An expense can be created by selecting exp. categories item from the menu and tapping “Create”. Each category must be given a name so that it can be identified when recording expenses.

Billing per Unit

Certain types of expense are billed by a quantity rather than a single value, for example “Mileage” may be billed per kilometer or mile.

Selecting “This expense is billed per unit” allows the entry of a unit price (e.g. the cost incurred per kilometer) and a unit name (e.g kilometers).

When a user records an expense with this category, they can now just enter the number of kilometers they travelled.

Updating or Deleting an Expense Category

An expense category can be edited or deleted by selecting the relevant option from the edit dropdown menu on the expense categories list.