A task represents a particular type of activity that controls how time is billed to a client.

A task must be added so that logged time can be categorised and billed to a client. An example of a task might be “Baking” or “Delivery” if you ran a cake shop.

Creating a Task

A task can be created by selecting tasks from the menu and tapping “Create”. A task must be given a name so that it can be identified when logging time.

Default Billable Rate

A task must be given a default billable rate. This is how much the client will be billed per hour of activity spent on the task. If the project is billed by task, this value will be used.

Billable by Default

If this option is selected and the task is added to a project that is billed by task, the task will be marked as “billable”.

Common Task

If this option is selected, the task will automatically be added to all new projects. If the task is considered a “one-off” or an infrequent activity, you may not want to select this option.

Updating or Deleting a Task

A task can be edited or deleted by selecting the relevant option from the edit dropdown menu on the tasks list.

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