Account Details

The account details hold key information about your organisation.

Updating the Account Details

The account details* can be updated by selecting **account from the main menu under the configure heading. The account details page will be shown, where you should push the “Update Details” button.

Account Name

The account name is the public name of your organisation. It will be used on invoices and throughout the solution. It can be changed any time you want.


The web app is accessed by using your accounts subdomain in the URL, e.g., where “account_name” is the subdomain you have specified. The subdomain can be changed at any time.

Contact Details

The contact number, email and address can be specified here. These values will appear on invoices when billing clients.


The owner determines the user who is responsible for the organisation, including billing and account closures. The owner can be changed at any time by the current owner to any user with the role of administrator.

Account Settings