Account Settings

Account settings are used to configure the solution for your organisation's locale and requirements.

Your account settings determine how various dates, times and other localisations are used throughout the solution.

Updating the Account Settings

The account settings can be updated by selecting account from the main menu under the configure heading. The account details page will be shown, where you should push the “Update Settings” button.


The timezone where your organisation is based should be selected. This is used when calculating various metrics and dates.

Each team member also has their own configurable time zone, which is useful if you have team members located in different regions.

Start of Year

The month that is selected is here is used when calculating various values relating to yearly or quarterly date ranges.

Start of Week

The day of the week selected here is used when calculating values relating to weekly date ranges.


The currency selected here is used when generating invoices and displaying currencies.

Each client can have a preferred currency selected if you choose to bill them in a currency other than this one.

Account Details
Closing an Account