Projects are used to group time and expenses so that they can be organised when billing a client.

A project can represent a job or an ongoing item of work that is being performed for a client. Time and expenses are allocated to a project, which controls how they are billed to a client.

Creating a Project

A project can be created by selecting projects from the menu and tapping “Create”. Each project must be allocated to a Client. A project must also be given a name, and a short project code so that it can be easily identified.

A start and end date can also be added if these are known.

A billing type must be selected for the project that determines how the project is billed to the client.


Tasks must be added to a project to allow logged time to be categorised. For example, if you were running a bakery, the project might be “Bake a 70th birthday cake” and the assigned tasks might be “Baking”, “Decorating” and “Cake Delivery”, each potentially billed with a different amount.

Team Members

Team members can be assigned to a project which determines who is permitted to log time against the project and how much they are billed. An example of this could be a software development project that’s billed by team member, where a senior developer is billed twice as much per hour than a junior developer.

Updating and Deleting a Project

A project can be edited or deleted by selecting the relevant option from the edit dropdown menu on the projects list.

Project Billing